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Malin Akerman Nude in Watchmen

Malin Akerman Nude.

Check out beautiful blond actress, Malin Akerman nude as Silk Spectre II (or Laurie Jupiter), serious superhero film”Watchmen” from 2009.

Malin Åkerman is no stranger to taking her clothes off onscreen, featuring in a lot of nude sex scenes and naked material since way back in the early 2000’s.

Malin Akerman Naked - WatchmenMalin Akerman Naked Sex Scene - Watchmen (2009)Malin Akerman Naked Sex Scene - WatchmenMalin Akerman Naked Sex Scene

Naked as Silk Spectre II.Watchmen - Silk & Nite

In the movie Watchmen, we get to see Malin Akerman naked as Silk Spectre II in a great sex scene.

Check out her perfect ass as she ride some super hard dick in the screenshot below!

If your’e a fan of either Malin Akerman, Slik Spectre II, Laurie Jupiter, or even just Watchmen as a whole, you will love all of these nude pics!

Also, Silk Spectre II and Nite Owl seem like they are up for anything with each other when it comes to passion and sex. Seem’s they don’t mind doing it on location, and on a mission.

As you can see in the nude pics below. The two sex pots are actually doing it in different positions inside Nite Owl’s ship the ““.

Malin Akerman Nude Fucking - Watchmen Malin Akerman Nude perfect Ass Malin Akerman Nude perfect Ass - Watchmen - 2009 Malin Akerman Nude Titty

Silk Spectre Cameltoe


Super Sex!

When you think of super hero movies, you don’t often see your favorite Superheroes nude, especially in a hot sex scene with each other LOL! But, in Watchman, Silk Spectre gets her pussy punished deep by Nite Owl.

We have always wondered what superhero’s do when they get horny. Well, we most of us sought of knew, because lets face it, the still have boobies and a snatch, and the boy look to have a cock, so why wouldn’t they fuck?

Watchman is probably the first action film that went deeper into the character’s private lives, and behind closed doors…

This is definitely not an action movie for underage superhero fans!

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Laurie Jupiter Pussy - Watchmen

Silk Spectre II Cameltoe Pics!

One thing about Malin’s character, Laurie Jupiter, is that when she changes into Silk Spectre II, her outfit is tight! Especially between her legs! If you look closely at the pictures you can see her smooth, bald pussy trying to hide in the costume.

Below we have added a collection of the hottest Malin Akerman and Silk Spectre II cameltoe pics, as well as e few other hot pictures from the film.

There’s nothing like seeing a good super-hero cameltoe! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Malin Akerman Cameltoe Watchmen Sexy Silk Spectre II Squating - Watchmen Silk Spectre Crutch ShotMalin Akerman PussyLaurie Jupiter Cameltoe

Laurie Jupiter Silk Spectre II Nude Ass

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